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Brisbin Family Chiropractic | Children

Chiropractic and Febrile Seizures

Benjamin was diagnosed with PFAPA (severe cyclical fevers occurring every 4 weeks). Chiropractic treatment has greatly reduced the severity of the fevers, and the febrile seizures that accompanied them have ceased entirely

Incredibly Patient With My Kids

The staff here is amazing. They go above and beyond – including playing with my kids while I get adjusted. Dr. Dave is incredibly patient with my kids, even when they’re squirming and sometimes screaming. It’s such a great atmosphere. And then of course there are the benefits from seeing a chiropractor. My four year old has stopped complaining about his growing pains/leg pain since we’ve started going. And my back pain is almost non-existent. Doesn’t matter which Doctor you see, they’re all great. It’s like a family at Brisbin Chiropractic!


Helped With Bed Wetting

The adjustments have helped me stop wetting the bed! I like the feeling of ‘popcorn’ when I have an adjustment.

Madsion, 5 years old


Turned my breech baby!

Dr. Jay successfully turned my baby from breech presentation to head down, and improved my comfort in the final days of my pregnancy. I had an amazing experience! Thank you so much!

Chiropractic and Bedwetting

I have gone to a chiropractor for as long as I can remember but I never thought that my children would need it! When my 4 year old son started peeing the bed, I think I changed the sheets every night for 3 weeks before I clued in that there might be something physically wrong. One visit to Dr. Brisbin and he hasn’t peed the bed since. It turned out a nasty skating fall on his tailbone was to blame. Now I don’t hesitate to take my kids to Dr. Brisbin or hesitate to recommend a chiropractor to friends for their kids
Wendy (for Gavin age 4)divider-1

Amazing Changes

I just wanted to let Brisbin Family Chiropractic know how much I sincerely and truly appreciate them. The administrative staff are incredibly patient, supportive and genuinely care to know their patients. My 3 month old son, Callaloo had been incredibly fussy, sleepless, and was struggling with digestive upsets.
After our first visit with Dr. Mike, everything started to change for the better.
Little Callaloo started sleeping longer throughout the night, had regular bowel movements, and was grunting and struggling far less.
After seeing Dr. Mike for a month, Callaloo is a completely changed little man. Dr. Mike was wonderfully gentle, nurturing and amazing with babies. I am so grateful for him!
Thank you BFC!

I am completely at ease

I noticed my newborn son was favouring his head to one side right from birth. After 2 months, he would not look left at all. He would even cry in pain when I would pick him up. After just one visit with Dr. Dave he was noticeably better. Dr. Dave is amazing with Blake, I was completely at ease! I am so happy I got referred to Dr. Dave. Blake smiles and coos the entire time Dr. Dave is working on him! Thank you Dr. Dave and your wonderful friendly girls!

No more heartburn

I used to get heartburn everyday and had to take medication. Since I have been going to see Dr. Dave at Brisbin Family Chiropractic, I no longer get heartburn and don’t need medication! Yahoo!
Brooklyn age 10

Thank you for helping our baby girl feel better!

We were referred to Dr. Jay after having issues breastfeeding our newborn. She was having latching difficulties and was incredibly fussy while feeding, as well as crying constantly whenever we would lay her down. We took her in at 12 days old and Dr. Jay found that she had limited motion turning her head to one side, which explained why we had issues with breastfeeding. After her first adjustment she was able to turn her head completely to the side and breastfeeding became much easier. She was also less fussy lying down and the adjustments took away the pain she had in her neck. We can’t thank Dr. Jay enough for helping our baby girl feel better!

Great staff!

My kids really enjoyed talking with Lori, your kind Chiropractic Assistant. They said she was the nicest lady ever and they can’t wait until my next appointment!

Hearing Restored!

My daughter Elaina was diagnosed with hearing loss at 2 months old. I started taking her for adjustments with Dr. Mike around the same time. I did it for her general well being, not thinking that it would help her hearing. At 7 months, we took her to her audiologist who found that her hearing was perfectly normal! We will never know for sure what happened, but I think Dr. Mike might have done some magic.

Incredible for my kids!

The practice has been fantastic to me and incredible to my kids – the open concept treatment space allows my kids to be near but not in the way! The staff is amazing and Dr. Dave is really helping me with my back!

My crying baby is happy again!

My husband and I are so pleased with the care our son has been receiving from the clinic for his colic and are extremely impressed with the outcome of his appointments. Dr. Mike is very gentle with our little guy and after our first visit, we noticed a drastic change, within a week or two it was like we had a new baby. He has starting to gain weight, he went from 6-8 hours of crying a day to minimal crying, sleeps through the night and is a happy 5 month old that smiles and laughs. We are truly very thankful for everything Dr. Mike and his team have done for our son.

First bowel movement since she was 4 months old

Dr. Brisbin came highly recommended by another parent from my mother’s group. My 9 month old had had constipation and painful digestion for months. During the chiropractic examination, Dr. Brisbin located a misaligned vertebrae (subluxation) in her lower back. After some gentle adjustments, Aspen had her first full bowel movement since she was four months old! We were thrilled with the early success and continue bringing her in for tune-ups to keep her healthy and to ensure her body continues to function at 100%.

No more earaches!

Just recently our son Avery had a fever and ear ache. In the past we would take Avery to walk in clinics and endure long waits to have him checked and diagnosed. Then we would come home with antibiotics to treat his earaches.
We were recommended by a friend to visit Dr. Dave’s office. He always fits us in and his adjustments take care of Avery’s earaches without having to give him medicine.
Thank-you Dr. Dave!

Chiropractic helped my bedwetting!

Dr. Brisbin suspected that the numerous falls Gavin sustained while learning to ice skate had actually pinched a nerve in his tailbone.
Gavin received a gentle adjustment by Dr. Brisbin and he hasn’t wet the bed since!
Gavin’s mom

Relaxed instantly

Jace began seeing Dr. Mike when he was 7 weeks old. He suffered terribly from gas and reflux, and would wake from deep sleep shrieking in pain. When we first came into the office, Jace was very tense and crying. As soon as Dr. Mike began analyzing his tiny back, he instantly relaxed and fell asleep in his Dad’s arms.
After our third visit, Jace was like a new baby. Now his face just lights up the moment he sees Dr. Mike. We are so thankful that our baby has been sleeping better, is less gassy, and much happier. Thank you Dr. Mike!
Jebb and Carrie

Chiropractic helps my bowling!

When I wanted to go to the chiropractor I was at bowling and not getting very much pins. My score was 51. When I was done bowling I said to my mom “Take me to Dr. Dave’s!” After I went to see Dr. Dave, my score was 111. Dr. Dave rules!
Jacob age 8

Able to turn her head after the first adjustment

After a difficult delivery, Katelyn’s parents, friends, and pediatrician were all concerned that she would not turn her head to the left. Instead of attempting aggressive therapy, Dr. Brisbin checked her tiny spine and confirmed she had a misaligned vertebra in her upper neck which kept her from being able to turn her head. After the first gentle adjustments, everyone was amazed and relieved by the dramatic results.

The poop doctor

After a difficult delivery using forceps, Vinly was colicky and also went a record 17 days without a bowel movement. After a few treatments with Dr. Dave, the “no poop” strike came to an end! It took a few adjustments a week to get things moving regularly.
At two months old, Vinly is a super happy baby, the colic is gone and he’s right on track!
Thanks Dr. Dave! (aka the Poop Dr.)

Wellness at its best

Dr. Dave helps me so my neck doesn’t hurt. I don’t have to come to see him very often but when I do, he really helps me.
Elijah – 7 years old

Thanks Dr. Dave

You make us feel better and make our pain go away.
Lukas – 11 years old

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