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Brisbin Family Chiropractic | Sleep

I can sleep again!

After being under regular care I have stopped taking my sleeping pills and I no longer need to take my insulin! Chiropractic has changed my life, and it could change yours too!

Spirits lifted!

I have been seeing Dr. Dave for about 3 years. After my adjustments, I always sleep better and my head feels clearer. This past year was a bit of a challenge for me and on several occasions my visits to Dr. Dave lifted my spirits and allowed me to stay healthy and helped me work through it. All the ladies who work at the front are amazing! You make me laugh and your kindness will never be forgotten. Thank you to Dr.Dave and his staff from the bottom of my heart!

Sleeping better!

For my entire adult life I worked shift work in a profession which was known for causing physical injuries. For the last 10 years of my career, I experienced interrupted sleep patterns because of work related injuries.
After having recently been diagnosed by my physician and then being referred to Brisbin Family Chiropractic, I began treatment with Dr. Brisbin.
Within three adjustments to my back and neck, I began to have full nights of sleep, uninterrupted, for the first time in close to a decade.

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