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Brisbin Family Chiropractic | Back Pain

Made Me Feel Comfortable

I was quite nervous going to my first appointment with a chiropractor, however Dr. Jay did an amazing job of providing my with information and making me feel very comfortable. I have since recommended him to two of my friends!


Amazing Doctors And Staff

I went to see Dr. Brisbin a few months ago with some back issues that were causing chest pains and lumbar pain. MY first appointment was interesting and the feedback was clear and straight forward. The level of care and respect amazed me and kept me coming back every time I needed to. I did not only try Dr. Dave, but also Dr. Mike and Jay, which are amazing doctors as well. What surprised me the most is that they are all very caring, knowledgeable and respectful doctors. They have been helping me during tough times when I am and when I have been dealing with a lot of pain. Thanks to them I have found answers and I have found relief.
I would like to take a moment and express my gratitude for this clinic. The front desk staff and the doctors are amazing. I felt welcomed and I felt heard. I had a great experience and I continue having it every time I go.



Was very skeptical, my first time with a chiropractor, excellent and I have gone back since with the same problem and both times so far I have had excellent results, I could hardly even walk or sit as my back was that sore, and I walked out of the office feeling great. I could not believe the relief.


I Feel Great Every Time!

My two girls had been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Mike for quite some time when I decided to get myself checked. My back pain is almost gone after only 1 month. I feel great every time!


Dr. Dave and his amazing crew

When I first stepped into Brisbin Family Chiropractic, I was at the point in my career where I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to carry on. Back pain had consumed every aspect of my life. All I can say is thank God I decided to take this step with the help of Dr. Dave and his amazing crew. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that without their help, I would be in a very sad state today.

I am now ballroom dancing

After dealing with leg and back pain for years, I finally decided to try chiropractic treatment. After talking with Dr. Mike I felt more comfortable with my decision. I was concerned about having an adjustment because of my family’s previous experience at another clinic. I am so happy to have made my choice, as I am now ballroom dancing and flying long distances without being uncomfortable. I have even convinced my husband to see Dr. Mike!

Dominating the day

I have been suffering from chronic back pain from a work related injury. The pain was so consistent that getting out of bed was my first challenge of the day. Every other task throughout the day was just as or even more challenging. Physio-therapy was sought and provided a good basis of strength, but it never did lessen the pain. This is when I decided to visit Dr. Mike. Since then, I have come in for regular adjustments and I have never felt better. These treatments were just what I needed. I feel like I can get up and dominate the day!

“Back pain gone!”
During my first visit I was apprehensive, but after 2 adjustments with Dr. Dave, my back pain was GONE! 5 years later I was in a car accident, and now Dr. Dave has me able to live again! He has been such a blessing and such a wonderful person.

Feeling decades younger!

I had always had a bad back, but over time the problem had become more constant.
I was worried that I may no longer be able to take care of my acreage. My physician recommended I go to Brisbin Family Chiropractic, where he himself was a patient. I am very glad I did!
Since Dr. Brisbin began adjusting my spinal subluxations I sleep better and I have much more energy.
The staff at Dr. Dave’s office are fantastic, and my life has been turned right again.
I literally feel “decades” younger!

Problem free!

During the summer I had hurt my lower back and could barely walk.
Dr. Brisbin has helped out with that so much that I no longer have any problems.
Also, now that I come in for regular adjustments, I no longer suffer from the headaches I used to have every morning!

Feeling like myself again

I began seeing Dr. Mike after injuring my back at work. The constant pain was not only affecting all of my daily activities, but was also keeping me from getting a good night’s sleep. Thanks to Dr. Mike, the adjustments allow me to walk for longer periods of time, sleep better and I even feel more flexible!

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