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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dr. Brisbin baby chiropractic

Dr. Brisbin and his tiny patient

How often do kids need to be adjusted?

We know your child is unique, so we’ll suggest a care plan based on your child’s specific health needs. In general, kids heal faster than adults so we might see them more frequently in the beginning and quickly slow the frequency of their visits.

How do we know when to slow their adjustments? Once they start achieving the milestones such as sitting, rolling around and starting to walk, we’ll see them less often for wellness care.

Do you charge differently for children?

We do have a different rate for kids. Give us a call to so we can discuss your child’s needs and give you a better estimate of what you can expect.

Do you have a family financial plan?

We do have a great 10% pre-pay discount plan.

Do you have more questions that aren’t answered here?
Call us for more information. (780) 449-6636