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Back to School Series Part I:
Eating Healthy

Help your kids be healthy with chiropractic and healthy eating

Give your child a healthy start

As we discussed earlier, sleep is a very important part of every child’s success at school. Another thing that is just as valuable for every child is to eat good, nutritious food throughout the day. While in their school years, kids to the majority of their growing. That means the body needs the right fuel to allow for growth, both mentally and physically.

Starting off the day with a healthy breakfast is vital. Fresh fruits, whole grains, healthy proteins; these are all necessary in the morning. Here’s an example of a great breakfast:

– 1 egg
– 1 bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit
– 1 banana

With this breakfast, every child will be more alert and ready to get started with the day.

On top of breakfast, having a healthy, non-processed lunch will help keep the metabolism at bay and keep the mind focused and attentive. Try making a sandwich with leftover chicken breast, spinach and tomato. Put a little mustard on that and you’ve got the perfect sandwich. Combine that with an apple, a bag of carrot sticks and a glass of milk or water and the lunch is complete.

All of these will no doubt help your kids get the most out of school, but why not try it for yourself as well and you will be surprised at how well your body reacts.

The best way to keep healthy is to eat well, move well and think well.

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