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Brisbin Family Chiropractic | Testimonials

  • Thank you for taking me on last minute and helping me get back to recovery quicker than what I was expecting. This shines new light on my view on chiropractors.

    - Kheyla S.
  • I love coming to your office because I always leave with a smile on my face and a pain free life!

    - Corey
  • I used to think waking up with pain every morning was normal. Since being referred to Dr. Brisbin, I am feeling 90% better than when I started and can’t believe what a difference it makes starting my day pain free!

    - Mary
  • Your staff have a wonderful team spirit. I would recommend your services in a heartbeat. Well Done!

    - Paula
  • The clinic has such a warm and inviting feeling. I felt welcomed as soon as i walked in. DR Mike is amazing and Hannah is so sweet and easy to talk with!

    - Lauren
  • This is an awesome practice, where you feel like family from day one. I would recommend Brisbin Family Chiropractic to anyone. You are always greeted with a smile and treated with the utmost respect and care.

    - Philip
  • Amazing clinic. The staff here are phenomenal. They are very flexible and accommodating with a true focus on the wellness of their patients. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone.

    - Jacquelyn
  • A great team you have on staff, all works well, as it should, smooth, and pleasant.

    - Steve
  • Brisbin Family Chiropractic has such a wonderful atmosphere and they’re so thorough with their initial assessments that I feel at ease in their care.

    - Michael
  • Very friendly and helpful staff!

    - Jenny
  • I felt real confident at the get-go. The staff is friendly and personable–that makes everything real comfortable. Thank you!

    - Roy
  • Everyone is beyond nice, it may even be creepy how well they remember things. Over all one of the best clinic experiences ever and clean :) !!

    - Danielle
  • I love Brisbin Family Chiropractic! All of the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Dave has helped both my husband and I feel so much better in such a short amount of time. I recommend you to everyone I know!

    - Angela
  • All staff and chiropractor were all very friendly and helpful.

    - Lily
  • Everything was 100% satisfactory. Very refreshing to get such excellent care and service.

    - Kevin
  • My first visit was amazing! The staff were very supportive and helpful and I definitely left the office with a lot more knowledge, hopefulness and less pain! I will be back!

    - Vanessa
  • If there were a score above “excellent” I’d pick that instead. I am exceedingly impressed. Thank you.

    - Candy
  • Felt really comfortable with the care I received and will definitely be back.

    - Sara
  • Very kind, efficient and well organized business. Definitely bringing my whole family here.

    - Cheryl

Back to Feeling My Best

One of the best first experiences I’ve had with any organization. Extremely friendly from the first phone call to being greeted upon arrival. The tests were extremely thorough and well explained. Dr. Jay’s follow-up explanations were also thorough and helpful and I’m confident we have a great plan to get me back to feeling my best



Family Atmosphere

I feel very comfortable every time I come for my visit, from the minute I walk in the door, there is a real family atmosphere. In the short time at the clinic, I have already noticed a difference and can see myself getting so much better in the future, thanks to the great team of Staff and Doctors.



Never Treated This Well

I have NEVER been treated this well at any appointment in healthcare I have been too. Thank you for caring about me.




I am very impressed with the clinic. I had attended another local chiropractor for years prior and never once had xrays or balance tests or any type of screening. The wait room was always jam packed and I felt like just a number or a ‘payment’. I have never felt rushed with Dr. Brisbin, in fact Dr. Dave takes any extra time required and takes the time to personally get to know my family and what may be going on at home that possibly could be causing stress in the body.



The “family” in Brisbin Family Chiropractic is so appropriate. All the staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Dr. Jason and the rest of the staff take time to listen and definitely make you feel at ease. I would and have recommended people to this clinic. Very impressed!

Bryan F.


Great Experience So Far

My experience with Brisbin Family Chiropractic has been great so far. Everyone in the office is super nice, sessions are fairly priced, and it is not hard to get in for an appointment, they can always accommodate your schedule. Dr. Mike is fun and open minded to talk to which I appreciate.

Christiana M.


Very Caring

First time patients are given the royal treatment, making us all feel very cared for. I’ve even come hoping for a miracle…that’s how much faith and trust I have in Dr. Dave.



Always a positive experience!

You’ve completely lifted me! Since coming to my first visit with Dr. Dave, I can honestly say that I’ve grown more than just an inch in height!
The staff are so warm and welcoming, making you feel so comfortable and confident. It is so refreshing to not only feel brand new physically, but to leave the office with a smile and always a positive experience!
The girls fill the office with love and laughter and I guess the Doctors are ok too.. (lol)
From inside out, you’ll feel loved by the entire crew at Brisbin Family Chiropractic!


The staff are amazing!

All the doctors are so lucky to have such great staff to work with! I would love to come to work with the staff that you have – I’d never call in sick! I have been a patient here for 10 years now and always love my visits with all the staff (doctors included).

Incredible staff

I just enjoy going to the clinic. You do not only go home without pain, but also with a smile on your face. The staff is incredible. Very human. I love you all!

Feeling good!

I enjoy the “FEEL GOOD” energy I feel when I walk into the clinic. As soon as I walk in I am “FEELING GOOD” immediately from being surrounded by the happy, peaceful energy of the staff and doctors. Thank you!


Conquering Fear!

Thank you! I had a lot of fear about visiting a chiropractor for the first time. After the first visit, most of my fears were alleviated by Dr. Jay. After the first adjustment, I’m eager to come back! I have confidence I will feel great again!

100% better

I would like to thank Dr. Dave for helping me get my spine back in shape. I would also like to thank the staff for keeping me laughing. I have felt 100% better since receiving care at Brisbin Family Chiropractic.


My posture improved!

From the first time I walked into the chiropractor’s office until now, I have better posture and I feel much better.

I may never retire!

I have worked in construction for 38 years and in that time I’ve put a lot of stress on my body. It has only been in the last year that I have discovered Dr. Dave and Chiropractic Care but I have to say I know I feel like I could work another 38 years!

Chiropractic keeps me performing at my best!

When my family and my clients go to Brisbin Family Chiropractic, we receive top notch care from the front office staff and from the doctors. I see Dr. Dave or Dr. Mike every 2 weeks to keep me performing at my best – for work as a massage therapist and for triathalon training. They’re great!


Feeling great every time

My two girls had been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Mike for quite some time when I decided to come back to get myself checked. My back pain is almost gone after only 1 month. I feel great every time!


Taking care of myself!

I decided that 2010 was the year to start taking care of myself! After 3 months of regular adjustments, and following Dr. Dave’s best recommendations, I’ve noticed how much my posture has improved!
Driving is much easier on my body now that I’m healthier. I sleep so much better and my energy levels have increased! I’m feeling wonderful!


All around improvement!

Dr. Dave has changed the way I physically move around. I have also done better in my learning. I have even done better in track and field! I won first place in discus.
Thank-you Dr. Dave
Christina age 10

Chiropractic made me TALLER!

My husband and 3 kids all come in for regular check-ups with Dr. Dave. When I recently went to see my family doctor we were both surprised that I had grown ½ an inch since my last check-up!
My newly aligned spine and improved posture certainly contributed to the change, but I’m still giving Dr. Dave credit for “magically” making me taller!
I figure that this rate, I should be able to slam dunk by Christmas!!!

What a world of difference!

It wasn’t until the pain went away that I realized how bad the pain was. With no pain my temperament changed and we started to have more fun as a family. Dad was not sore, dad was not grumpy, dad was not too tired. I’m doing what I want to and I’m doing it with my wife and kids!


Immediate and positive results

I was certainly more than pleased and somewhat surprised as to the results of that first session. What I regarded as a minimal adjustment, the results were certainly more obvious than minimal. It was very evident as the day went on that the adjustments produced immediate and obvious positive results. I noticed that the results of the adjustment were exactly as you described; and a definite and noticeable improvement as the reward of the day. I appreciate all the professionalism by you and your staff regarding all of the initial tests and diagnosis, certainly a proper way to get to know me and my body before proceeding.
Thanks again and much appreciated,


Unbelievable Staff!

Dr. Brisbin has been my chiropractor for the past 10 years. I can honestly say I have never been to any other doctor’s office that has such nice, caring, genuine and thoughtful staff. Each time I come to Brisbin Family Chiropractic it feels like I am coming “home”.
Dianne divider-1

Results after 2 adjustments

I started coming to see Dr. Dave for two reasons. One was an ear issue where I felt I was “under water” all the time. After just two adjustments the problem was completely gone and has not come back. The other was for pain in my shins and legs when walking.
The adjustments I’ve had have helped immensely which in turn has allowed me to exercise more frequently and for much longer. As a result my fitness level has increased and that’s just good for all kinds of reasons.
It’s been a pleasure!
Thanks Dr. Dave and all the staff!!


My posture has improved!

I’m 76 years old, and have been going to Chiropractors since I was 28 years old. I have always had back and neck problems.
In April my grandson hurt his back and was in severe pain, he was referred to Dr. Dave after medications given to him by his M.D. didn’t help. Dr. Dave assessed him, and began treatment. After the first couple of treatments he felt the difference, and I saw his mobility improve greatly. We talked about it, and he said I should go see Dr. Dave. I went for an assessment and began treatment. After a few adjustments I began to feel much better, not so stiff and sore. Not only did the treatments make me feel better, but now I realized that my posture has improved as well.


Start my days pain free!

I used to think waking up with pain every morning was normal. Since being referred to Dr. Brisbin, I am feeling 90% better than when I started and can’t believe what a difference it makes starting my day pain free!

Chiropractic gave me more energy

A referral to Dr. Brisbin changed my pregnancy experience from expectations of an uncomfortable, painful condition to an experience of absolute joy!
After starting with care, my back feels stronger, my sleep patterns have significantly improved and I also have increased flexibility to do day-to-day activities.
I certainly have more energy!
Chiropractic care has been a tremendous help for me in my life.

The adjustments are a joy!

I love coming to BFC. The atmosphere is absolutely lovely. Dr. Mike is an extremely personal chiropractor and makes the adjustments a joy. I feel better than I leave and I would highly recommend this office to anyone!

Treated like part of the family

Dr. Dave and his staff deliver such friendly service and care for my entire family! We feel like part of the family. Dr. Dave has helped me look after my health and the issues I have with my back that have helped me live a normal pain free life.

Speedy results

I am not a regular patient…. However, after being referred by my mother-in-law, your wonderful team fit me in on short notice on Friday as I was leaving that very afternoon for my motorcycle trip to Jasper and onwards.
I arrived with debilitating pain (it hurt to breathe, move, and blink), however Dr. Mike made a concerted effort to identify the issue and quickly resolved the pain with various alignments. Despite my walking in with excruciating pain, I walked out feeling 30% better and despite riding for 4 hours to Jasper, by the following morning I felt 60% better! I then rode 7 hours to Kelowna and 73 hours later, I am pleased to say that I am 100% better!
Even my 7 year old son wanted to call you to thank you for “taking care of my Daddy”. I have not seen a chiropractor often, however I can honestly say this was the most immediate and wonderful pain relief I have ever experienced.
Thank you!


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