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No more headaches

Since I started coming to Dr. Dave’s office with my Mom and Brother, I stopped getting headaches!
Thanks Dr. Dave!
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Eight months of pain gone!

I had been suffering with severe headaches and a stiff sore neck for approximately eight months. My head felt like it weighed a hundred pounds. I found it very difficult to work at my computer for any length of time. Sleeping comfortably was also a problem.
On a referral from my family doctor I made an appointment to see Dr. Brisbin. After several adjustments my headaches disappeared and my neck showed remarkable improvement. The amount of time I can spend at my computer is not an issue anymore. Yeah! Thanks to Dr. Brisbin.

Life is better!

I have had problems with fluid retention, lower back pain, hip problems, migraines and headaches for years.
Since receiving treatments from Dr. Dave, these symptoms have improved!
I am able to do everyday things much easier. I also sleep better at night. I feel great! Life is better!

No headaches since the first adjustment!

I had no previous experience with chiropractic care, however, I was experiencing severe headaches more and more frequently. Dr. Brisbin indicated that he could help, and sure enough – no more headaches since the first adjustment!

Migraines 3 times a week

I felt a little apprehensive about coming to see a chiropractor, but after a few people I work with had such wonderful experiences at your office, I decided to give it a try.
I loved how Dr. Brisbin explained everything to me step by step and really eased my mind about getting adjusted – in fact, after my very first adjustment, I felt 100 lbs lighter!
I used to get migraines 3 times a week and since I started coming here, I’ve had none!

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