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Brisbin Family Chiropractic | Neck & Shoulder Pain

I feel awesome!

I was constantly getting aches in my neck that would often last days to weeks. Painkillers were not helping. This neck pain was getting so bad that it would cause headaches all the time. I started getting  pain and numbness in my arm.

The day I came in for my first visit, the pain was really bad. Dr. Dave diagnosed me with cervical facet syndrome with radiculopathy.

I must admit, I actually felt a little worse with the initial treatments before I started to feel better, but Dr. Brisbin told me that this could be expected when he explained the “Road to Recovery” chart. I trusted Dr. Brisbin and had faith that it would get better and now I feel awesome!  I make sure I keep up with my wellness visits so I can keep feeling this good. Since starting care, my neck ache has returned maybe 1-2 times in the last 9 months, and both times they didn’t last long.


Chiropractic brought laughter back into my life!

I first came to Brisbin Family Chiropractic when I had severe pain in my shoulder. I couldn’t take a deep breath and even worse, I couldn’t LAUGH.
After just a couple of adjustments, the pain went away and brought laughter back into my life!

Feeling better than ever!

I had an accident on Jan 31. I slipped on the ice and was told by a doctor that I had a severe concussion and whiplash to my neck.
I went to my family doctor to get medication for the pain and because my arm was acting funny. My doctor recommended I come see Dr. Dave Brisbin. This was the best thing that could happen to me!
The staff here are fantastic, so friendly and Dr. Dave is wonderful! For the last 5 weeks he has performed miracles to put my body back in shape.

No more shoulder pain

Dr. Brisbin adjusted a pinched nerve in my neck and by the next day I had full range of motion and absolutely no pain. I was able to return to work and have been seeing Dr. Dave for wellness check-ups ever since.

Afraid for no reason

I had chronic neck and back pain… for 38 years! I’d never been brave enough to visit a chiropractor. I finally bit the bullet and took the plunge after hearing how great Dr. Dave was. He is a fantastic chiropractor and has been helping with this pain. He’s so personal and really takes care of you at every visit. As well, the ladies at the front are always friendly and fantastic. Thank you!

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