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Exercise and Pregnancy

Chiropractic care is great for pregnant women. Call Brisbin Family Chiropractic today for information.

The many benefits of excercise

Many of you have heard about how exercise during pregnancy can help decrease pain and discomfort during pregnancy, but here is a little bit more information as to what other benefits may arise from exercise.

A recent article published by the National Post mentions as to how exercise during pregnancy can help the child as well. When you develop an moderate intensity exercise regimen during pregnancy, the baby’s brain appears to mature much quicker. This shows that by exercising, you are not only giving your body the head start to stay healthy during the pregnancy but also you are giving your child the best start to their life.

If you are wanting to start an exercise program but feel like your body is too sore or weak to start, come see us at Brisbin Family Chiropractic in Sherwood Park. Our gentle and effective adjustment techniques for pregnancy will give you the movement you need to start your and your child’s path towards better health. After the birth of your child, you should also bring your child in to the chiropractor to get a check-up so that he or she can start off his or her life with not only a more mature brain, but also the ability to express their full life potential from the beginning, without interference.


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